[Top 15] R6 Best Beginner Operators That Are Powerful (August 2022) (2023)

15. Thunderbird

[Top 15] R6 Best Beginner Operators That Are Powerful (August 2022) (1)

What makes Thunderbird a great beginner operator, for those who can unlock her early on of course, is her overall ease of use and contribution to the team. Thunderbird’s Kona Stations can heal or revive anyone that gets near them. This makes Thunderbird a great support, even better than Doc, dare I say, because Thunderbird can contribute to the team even when she’s dead. The good thing is, she can deploy her Kona Stations during the prep phase and after she is done deploying them, she can just focus on fragging enemies.

And when it comes to fragging enemies, she can do it really well with her Spear .308 which is very easy to use for beginners because its recoil is very manageable. When it comes to her secondaries, her Bearing 9 is one of the most powerful machine pistols in the game because it has a very controllable recoil despite its fast rate of fire. Her impact grenades can let her make rotation holes as well, which is very important for beginners to be familiar with, because rotation holes are crucial in Ranked. And if the player chooses to, Thunderbird also has the dreaded nitro cell, which can score the player a lot of kills.

What Makes Thunderbird a Great Defender:

  • Special gadgets can heal or revive teammates and herself
  • Great choices for secondary gadgets: Nitro cell or impact grenade
  • Has the Spear .308 for primary and Bearing 9 for secondary

Best Loadout for Thunderbird:


14. Doc

[Top 15] R6 Best Beginner Operators That Are Powerful (August 2022) (2)

When you’re a beginner, the longer you stay alive, the more chances you can learn about the game. And that’s the experience that Doc can provide to a newbie in Siege. With his 3-armor rating and Stim Pistol which he can use to heal himself or teammates, as well as self-revive or revive teammates from a down-but-not-out (dbno) status, even a newbie can last longer in Siege’s tough gameplay. It’ll even be better if there’s a Rook in the team to provide more armor to Doc.

With Doc, the newbie player can experience more exchanges with enemies, as well as experience how to support teammates. The newbie player can also learn very early on in his Siege career how to spawn peek, especially since Doc is the best spawn killer in the game. It’ll allow the player to broaden his or her knowledge of the map by knowing which windows have a view of the Attacker spawn areas. Doc will also let the player practice how to be a good anchor and know the usual paths and angles that Attackers take.

What Makes Doc a Great Defender:

  • Very tough to take down
  • Can heal and revive teammates
  • Great spawn killer
  • Great at anchoring

Best Loadout for Doc:


13. Mute

[Top 15] R6 Best Beginner Operators That Are Powerful (August 2022) (3)

Mute was one of my first few operators when I got Siege years ago when the Starter Pack was still a thing, so I mainly used him during defend mode, and he was such a joy to use as a beginner. You will be able to get a lot of sense of accomplishment when you’re able to prevent a hard breach or or jam Fuze’s cluster charges. It was also great to block drone paths on certain areas of the maps like the 3rd floor in Hereford Base.

Mute is a really good operator for a beginner because the experience playing him will make the player learn about the spots that need to be prevented from being breached. And Mute has guns that are really beginner friendly in that they’re strong but also easy to handle, like the MP5K. And once the newbie player gets more and more experience, he or she can start practicing the deadly combination of having mute use a shotgun as his primary and the SMG-11 as his secondary.

What Makes Mute Great Defender:

  • Able to prevent hard breaching
  • Neutralizes drones
  • Able to neutralize enemy gadgets
  • Easy to handle guns

Best Loadout for Mute:


12. Frost

[Top 15] R6 Best Beginner Operators That Are Powerful (August 2022) (4)

Frost is a great operator to use as a beginner because she’s one of those operators that can still score kills and contribute to the team a lot even when she’s dead. And of course, we’re talking about newbie players here, it is fair to expect that they can die pretty fast. But to be able to score kills and help the team even when they’re dead, can provide them with a lot of morale boost to continue playing this game which we all know has a steep learning curve.

Frost’s gameplay also allows the newbie player to experiment on the map layouts when it comes to placing her Welcome Mats. This is a great way for the player to know which paths or entryways the Attackers usually take when attacking a particular area. On top of that, Frost’s primary gun, the 9mm C1 is a great primary gun for beginners because it inflicts high damage while maintaining a very manageable weapon kick. Frost also has a great utility tool in the ITA12S shotgun which she can use to make rotation holes or murder holes, and those are some of the things that a newbie would benefit a lot in learning early on.

What Makes Frost Great Defender:

  • Able to score kills even when she’s already out of the round
  • Easy to handle but powerful primary
  • Has great utility tools

Best Loadout for Frost:


11. Dokkaebi

[Top 15] R6 Best Beginner Operators That Are Powerful (August 2022) (5)

It goes without saying that newbie players are a lot more susceptible to ambushes due to their lack of experience, but with Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb which forecefully rings a Defender’s mobile phone, it’ll be hard for the newbie player to be caught off guard, because she would know if an enemy is around the area or not. This is a really great way to boost a beginner player’s confidence level when penetrating the objective area.

Playing Dokkaebi can also provide a rewarding experience to the beginner player when she gets to hack a dead Defender’s phone and provide her whole team access to the camera feed of Defenders, including special gadget cameras and bulletproof cameras. It’ll also be a great practice for the player to keep using Dokkaebi’s remarkable marksman rifle, the Mk 14 Ebr. It’s one of the best long-range weapons in the game because its recoil is very manageable, and it inflicts heavy damage.

What Makes Dokkaebi a Great Attacker:

  • Great intel gatherer
  • Can also deny intel to enemies
  • Great support for rushing and pushing
  • Excels at any range

Best Loadout for Dokkaebi:


10. Ash

[Top 15] R6 Best Beginner Operators That Are Powerful (August 2022) (6)

Ash is one of the most dynamic operators in the game, and she’s also great for newbies because she’s an attacker that doesn’t really have to do much other than provide heavy fire power. Of course, aside from that, she has her Breaching Rounds, which she can use to quickly open up an entry hole on an unreinforced wall for her or her team. She can also use her Breaching Rounds to destroy bulletproof Defender gadgets like the deployable shield, Maestro’s Evil Eyes, or Melusi’s Banshees.

The great thing for newbies is that Ash now has two claymores, and one of the things that newbies are mostly susceptible to are roamers. With Ash’s claymores, the player can protect her back from roamers or runouts. And when it comes to fragging, Ash is one of the most effective at clearing a room of enemies because of her powerful guns. A beginner player will benefit the most with using Ash’s G36C because it has a very manageable recoil and it can be equipped with a 1.5x scope, which will allow the player to see enemies better.

What Makes Ash a Great Attacker:

  • Has heavy firepower
  • Weapons have very manageable recoil
  • Straightforward gameplay
  • Able to create entry holes quickly
  • Has two claymores

Best Loadout for Ash:


9. Thermite

[Top 15] R6 Best Beginner Operators That Are Powerful (August 2022) (7)

Thermite plays a major role in Siege team-plays because he’s the central part when it comes to hard breaching. But that shouldn’t intimidate newbies from playing him, in fact, newbies should be encouraged to play Thermite, because out of all the hard breachers in the game, he’s the easiest to use, and beginners should learn how to properly perform hard breaching early in their Siege careers. This will also allow beginners to know the important spots that Attackers need to breach in order to win.

And once Thermite is done performing his role as a hard breacher, he is free to clear the room or provide backline support to his teammates. He can do that really well with his 556xi assault rifle which deals heavy damage while also being easy to control. Thermite also has a choice between the stun grenades and the smoke grenades as his secondary gadget, and both are great for providing support. The stun grenades are great for room clearing and softening up an area or an angle, and the smoke grenades are great for providing cover for plant attempts.

What Makes Thermite a Great Attacker:

  • Able to make a huge effin’ hard breach
  • Powerful primary weapon and has low recoil
  • Excellent backline support
  • Has great choices of grenades for room clearing or for cover

Best Loadout for Thermite:


8. Melusi

[Top 15] R6 Best Beginner Operators That Are Powerful (August 2022) (8)

Melusi is one of the most powerful operators in the game and is great for newbies as well. Her Banshees aren’t complicated to use at all. The player only needs to deploy them near the entrance of the objective spot for the most part, and later on, once the newbie player knows more about the game, he or she could experiment on Banshee placements that could give more trouble to Attackers depending on the map and objective location.

Another great thing about her that newbies would love is her easy-to-handle weapons. Her MP5 has decent damage, good magazine capacity, and good recoil control. A perfect gun for a beginner. And her RG15 handgun is a pistol that is great for medium to long range shooting. She also has a great utility tool with the impact grenades, which the player can use to create rotation holes, and I can’t stress enough how important it is for newbies to get used to creating rotation holes if they plan to get into Ranked later on. It’s also great for countering Osa.

What Makes Melusi a Great Defender:

  • Can greatly slow enemies down
  • Special gadgets can also act as early warning devices
  • Has impact grenades that can create rotation holes
  • Can disrupt enemy rhythm

Best Loadout for Melusi:


7. Rook

[Top 15] R6 Best Beginner Operators That Are Powerful (August 2022) (9)

Rook is one of the best beginner operators because his role is very straight forward, he just has to drop his armor plates at the beginning of the round and let his teammates take in the armor buff from them. The very simple deployment of his special gadget which benefits the whole team greatly, will allow beginners to focus more on learning the other aspects of the game, such as which walls they need to reinforce and which aren’t okay to be reinforced.

Rook also has impact grenades, so the player will also be able to learn which walls in the objective area are needed to be converted to rotation holes. Beginners also would find Rook's guns to be very easy to control, especially his MP5. What’s really great about Rook is his overall contribution to the team. Even when the player gets taken out, the player knows that he or she is still contributing to the team through Rook’s armor plates.

What Makes Rook a Great Defender:

  • Provides amor buff to the whole team
  • Hard to take down
  • Has great utility tools
  • His MP5 is very easy to handle

Best Loadout for Rook:


6. Kapkan

[Top 15] R6 Best Beginner Operators That Are Powerful (August 2022) (10)

It’s so satisfying to get kills from Kapkan’s EDDs even when you’re dead, and that’s the main reason why Kapkan is great for newbies. It is because they’d still be able to contribute a lot to the team even if they get taken out early. That can really boost a newbie’s confidence, make him or her experiment more on Kapkan’s EDD placement. And that’s a lot more fun to do now that Kapkan can place multiple EDDs in one entryway, and he’s also now allowed to place them on both sides.

Even in the hands of a newbie, Kapkan is a very dangerous Defender because his EDDs can disrupt the rhythm of Attackers, no matter how experienced they are in the game. Just by having to check each entryway for EDDs, they’re already slowed down by Kapkan. And of course, when they do trigger the EDDs, they’ll be severely damaged if not killed. The explosion also acts as an early warning device for defenders, letting them know that there are enemies in the explosion’s direction.

What Makes Kapkan a Great Defender:

  • Can score a kill with one activation of his gadget
  • Disrupts enemy rhythm
  • Presence alone is enough to slow enemies down
  • Gadgets can also act as early warning devices

Best Loadout for Kapkan:


5. Lion

[Top 15] R6 Best Beginner Operators That Are Powerful (August 2022) (11)

Lion is one of the most powerful operators in the game right now and is also great for newbies. His special gadget, the EE-ONE-D, can be activated just by a single click and the player can activate it almost at any time that he wants and it will still have a huge effect on the match. But of course, ideally, it’ll be better if Lion activates his scan while the attacking team is penetrating the mission area. That is because during Lion’s scan, enemies are forced to stop moving, or else, they will be automatically pinged.

It’s a great special gadget for breaking the Defenders’ rhythms and instilling panic on them. The EE-ONE-D scan is also quite loud, so it’ll lessen the Defenders’ ability to listen to sound cues, and that’s really great for rushing. Lion’s unique gun, the V308, which most players use when they’re playing Lion is also very easy to handle even though it inflicts heavy damage. Lion also has two claymores to cover his back and counter roamers, which I know is something that newbies will appreciate, because it's roamers that usually kill newbies in the game.

What Makes Lion a Great Attacker:

  • Can disrupt enemy rhythm
  • His V308 is a really powerful gun
  • His Gonne-6 is a great utility tool
  • Has two claymores now

Best Loadout for Lion:


4. Iana

[Top 15] R6 Best Beginner Operators That Are Powerful (August 2022) (12)

Iana is one of the best operators for newbies who can afford to unlock her early on because she's not only a very powerful operator that contributes to the team a lot, she will also allow beginners to learn so much about the game. And that is because her special gadget, the Gemini Replicator, enables her to send a holographic copy of her that looks exactly like her and moves exactly like her. The holographic copy can do every action that she can do except for rappelling, shooting, or throwing grenades.

It basically acts like a holographic drone for Iana, and that effectively allows the user to safely scout ahead of the mission area. This will increase beginners' confidence a lot because they would know if the area is clear or not before they enter. This will also increase their familiarity with the maps. And when it comes to killing enemies, Iana’s guns have very manageable recoil so they’re easy to use. She also has a great utility tool in her Gonne-6, and she can score some easy kills with her frag grenades.

What Makes Iana a Great Attacker:

  • Excellent intel gatherer
  • Great at distracting Defenders
  • Can score easy kills with her frag grenades
  • Great primary guns and utility tools

Best Loadout for Iana:


3. Wamai

[Top 15] R6 Best Beginner Operators That Are Powerful (August 2022) (13)

There is no question that a defending team should always have an anti-grenade operator with them, and for newbies, Wamai is the best anti-grenade operator they could use. And don’t get me wrong, even though I say that, it doesn’t mean that he’s any less powerful than the other anti-grenade operators. Because in truth, he’s the best anti-grenade and projectile operator that we have right now. Wamai’s special gadget, the Mag-NETS are very simple and easy to deploy, and they contribute a lot to the team.

With Wamai, the team has protection against those pesky stun grenades and frag grenades. Wamai’s Mag-NETS can also counter breaching devices that can be deployed from a distance like Hibana’s X-Kairos and Ace’s Selmas. Wamai can also halt a smoke and defuser plant attempt with his Mag-NETS. The best thing for beginners is that Wamai’s MP5K is really easy to handle but also really powerful with good damage and good sights. Plus, Wamai has great secondary gadgets in the impact grenades and proximity alarms.

What Makes Wamai a Great Defender:

  • Neutralizes enemy projectiles
  • Primary gun that has 1.5x scope
  • Has impact grenades that can create rotation holes

Best Loadout for Wamai:


2. Lesion

[Top 15] R6 Best Beginner Operators That Are Powerful (August 2022) (14)

Lesion will make a beginner’s life in Siege quite comfortable. With his Gu Mines, he can basically set up early warning devices along the entrances of the objective area. That means that the player and his team won’t be caught off guard by an enemy who is flanking. The Gu Mines also inflict damage over time to those who trigger them before they get removed. The thing is, while removing a Gu Mine, the attacker has to stop for a few seconds, and that could make him or her vulnerable.

Lesion is one of the best anchors to have. The longer he stays alive, the more Gu Mines he can deploy. So, that means that the longer the round goes, the stronger he becomes. That can really boost a beginner’s confidence level especially as he knows that he won't be caught off guard because there are Gu Mines at the entrances. Lesion’s T-5 SMG is also really easy to handle despite its fast rate of fire. And of course, one of the best things about Lesion is that he has impact grenades, which he can use to create rotation holes or counter Osa. The impact Grenades are also great at countering Sens’ special gadget.

What Makes Lesion a Great Defender:

  • His Gu Mines are great for stopping a rush
  • Gu Mines can also act as early warning devices
  • Has impact grenades for creating rotation holes

Best Loadout for Lesion:


1. Finka

[Top 15] R6 Best Beginner Operators That Are Powerful (August 2022) (15)

As I mentioned above in Doc’s entry, the longer beginners stay alive in the game, the more chances that they can learn. And Finka is like the Doc on the Attacker side. She’s the only one in the Attacker side that can heal teammates and also revive them when they’re in a dbno state. So, with Finka’s healing and revive ability, the player can stay in the fight much longer. Not only that, Finka’s Adrenal Surge provides a lot of great buffs to her and her whole team as well.

While Finka’s Adrenal Surge is active, her whole team will be able to walk over barbed wires faster, reload faster, experience less effects from stun grenades, and upon activation it removes the concussion effects Ela’s Grzmot Mines, Echo’s Yokai Drone, and other concussion inflicting devices. And all this can be done with a single click. Finka also has the dreaded 6P41 LMG which is one of the most oppressive weapons in the game. And when the user knows that an opponent is hiding in a corner, he or she can score an easy kill with Finka’s frag grenade.

What Makes Finka a Great Attacker:

  • Heals and adds hp to the whole team
  • Can revive herself and any teammate from any distance
  • Has great buffs that applies to the whole team
  • Can get easy kills with her frag grenades

Best Loadout for Finka:


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