[Top 12] Rainbow 6 Siege Most Picked Operators That Are OP (2023)

12. Solis

[Top 12] Rainbow 6 Siege Most Picked Operators That Are OP (1)

Solis is one of the best operators right now, especially in ranked games, so there’s no wonder why her pick rate is so high. She just brings so much to the table in terms of denying intel and gathering them. With her SPEC-IO Electro Sensor, she can detect attacker electronics such as drones, claymores, and special gadgets, as long as they have electronics in them. What’s scary about Solis is that she can also detect where an attacker is when they’re in observation tool view since the device that they use when controlling their drones or viewing their cameras are made of electronics.

And since she can detect whether a claymore is deployed below a window or beside a barricaded door, she’ll know if it’s safe to run out and frag the attacker that’s in observation tool view. Another thing that makes Solis quite OP is that she can tag the enemy electronic gadgets that she scans for the whole defending team to see. This is an easy way for her to share intel with her teammates without even issuing a callout on voice comms. And because of her ability to scan attacker electronic gadgets, she can clear out the drones that were left behind by attackers for surveillance.

What Makes Solis Most Picked:

  • Can detect attacker electronic gadgets, making it easy for her to destroy them, and it’s very useful in clearing out attacker drones that were left for surveillance
  • Able to tag enemy electronic gadgets that she has detected and the tags would be visible to her whole team
  • Can know if a claymore has been deployed behind a window or an entryway, allowing her to safely attempt run outs
  • Has the P90 available to her which is a great gun with very manageable recoil and high rate of fire
  • Can also equip a shotgun for her primary and a machine pistol for her secondary, making her a menace at close to medium range

Watch Solis in Action:


11. Dokkaebi

[Top 12] Rainbow 6 Siege Most Picked Operators That Are OP (2)

Speaking of intel-denial and intel gathering, Dokkaebi is one of the best when it comes to that role, and that’s why her pick rate is high and she’s one of the most troublesome operators to deal with when you’re a defender. That’s because she has the ability to hack defender phones and force them to ring loudly through her special gadget, the Logic Bomb. That loud ringing from defenders’ mobile devices is often enough to compromise their locations and let attackers know where they are, so it’s a very effective utility for pushing the objective spot.

The loud ringing from their mobile devices also often masks the sound cues that attackers make, so it’s not just great for knowing where the defenders are, it’s also great for surprising them. Dokkaebi can also hack a dead defender’s phone and if she’s successful, she’ll have access to all defender cameras, and she can share that access to her whole team. As for her intel-denial capability, when her Logic Bomb is actively making defender phones ring, they also won’t be able to use them for viewing their cameras, so during that time that the Logic Bomb is active, defenders won’t be able to see attackers in any of their cameras.

What Makes Dokkaebi Most Picked:

  • Through her Logic Bomb, attackers can easily find defenders since it will make their mobile devices ring loudly
  • Can deny intel to enemies since they won’t be able to access their cameras while her Logic Bomb is going off
  • Can gather more intel by hacking a dead defender’s mobile device which grants the whole attacking team access to all defender cameras
  • The phone ringing from her Logic Bomb can mask the noises that attackers make when they’re penetrating the objective spot

Watch Dokkaebi in Action:


10. Brava

[Top 12] Rainbow 6 Siege Most Picked Operators That Are OP (3)

Brava is the newest operator in the game and has since taken it by storm. Because of Brava, even defenders now have to check Kapkan’s EDDs and their other gadgets as they could have been converted by her. Brava converts defender electronic gadgets into attacker ones through the lasers that her Kludge Drones could fire. She adds so much dynamic to the game and she’s so fun to use, and that’s why her pick rate is so high, and there’s no denying that she’s one of the most powerful operators in the game right now.

Utilities play a huge part in Siege’s gameplay, and oftentimes, the use of utilities is what determines the winner of the match, and Brava is one of the most effective defender gadget disabler right now. That’s because the defender electronic gadgets that she can’t convert will be disabled instead. On top of that, she also has two claymores that she can use to protect her back while she’s controlling her Kludge Drones, and when it comes to fragging enemies, her PARA-308 assault rifle is an excellent weapon that has high damage per shot, low recoil, and is highly customizable.

What Makes Brava Most Picked:

  • Through her Kludge Drones, she can convert defender electronic gadgets into allies
  • The defender electronic gadgets that she can’t convert will be disabled, making her one of the best attackers when it comes to disabling utilities
  • She has two Kludge Drones and each of them can fire three lasers, so in total, Brava can convert or disable six defender electronic gadgets
  • She can protect herself from run outs or roamers while she’s controlling her Kludge Drones with the use of the two claymores that are available to her
  • Her Para-308 is a great assault rifle that features heavy stopping power, low recoil, and a wide variety of attachments available to it

Watch Brava in Action:


9. Sledge

[Top 12] Rainbow 6 Siege Most Picked Operators That Are OP (4)

Sledge is one of the operators that you’ll see the most, especially in competitive matches, and when the objective spot is on a lower floor. That’s because he’s one of the best vertical attackers in the game. Using his special gadget, the Tactical Breaching Hammer, he can keep destroying the wooden floor above the objective spot. That will expose the defenders below, and since Sledge and his teammates will have the high ground, they’ll have the advantage. And even if the defenders are able to find new places to hide, the exposed parts have already been practically denied to them.

That tactic greatly limits the areas that defenders can be around, and that would make them very uneasy and more prone to commit mistakes. On top of that, Sledge also has access to two frag grenades, so when he knows where the opponent is hiding, he can just cook and throw his frag grenades towards that corner and score an easy kill. And if the player excels at using shotguns, Sledge can equip the powerful M590A1 shotgun as his primary weapon while still having the capability to frag opponents at medium to long-range due to his P226 Mk 25 handgun.

What Makes Sledge Most Picked:

  • With his Tactical Breaching Hammer, he can keep smashing the wooden floor above the objective spot, making him a great vertical attacker
  • He can make quick entry points on unreinforced walls in relative silence with the use of his Tactical Breaching Hammer
  • He can bring in two frag grenades which he can use to score kills on enemies or for flushing them out of their hiding spots
  • Has access to the impact EMP grenades which are great alternative utilities for enabling a hard breach when Thatcher is banned

Watch Sledge in Action:


8. Thunderbird

[Top 12] Rainbow 6 Siege Most Picked Operators That Are OP (5)

Thunderbird is another operator that you’ll often encounter in competitive matches because she’s one of the best support operators in the game. Especially now that her special gadget, the Kona Station, has been reworked to become more efficient in healing, her pick rate has become even higher. When she or her teammates get damaged, all they have to do is get near one of her three Kona Stations and they’ll receive healing. Not only that, but when they get into a down-but-not-out state, if they’re able to crawl and get near one of the Kona stations, they’ll be able to revive themselves.

And since Thunderbird can set up all three of her Kona Stations during prep phase, she’s free to either stay and anchor the objective spot or go roaming. She doesn’t need to constantly be minding her special gadget to be able to provide support, and that’s really convenient for Thunderbird players since they can just focus on fragging enemies. And speaking of fragging enemies, Thunderbird has a great primary weapon in the Spear .308 since its recoil is very manageable even though its rate of fire is quite fast and it inflicts high damage per shot.

What Makes Thunderbird Most Picked:

  • Provides healing for her whole team through the use of her special gadget, the Kona Station.
  • Her whole team will have the ability to revive themselves from a down-but-not-out state as long as they’re near one of her Kona Stations
  • Her Spear .308 is a great assault rifle due to its high damage per shot, very manageable recoil, and high rate of fire
  • Has access to the Bearing 9 machine pistol which by itself could be considered a primary weapon due to its very high rate of fire and good amount of damage per shot

Watch Thunderbird in Action:


7. Valkyrie

[Top 12] Rainbow 6 Siege Most Picked Operators That Are OP (6)

Valkyrie is one of the operators with the highest pick rate, and that’s very understandable because when it comes to gathering intel, she’s quite OP. Unless the attacking team has an IQ as one of their team members, it could be quite hard to disable Valkyrie’s Black Eye cameras because they’re small and when they’re not active, they can appear like just another speck of dirt or texture detail in the backdrops of the map. And since they can stick to most surfaces, they can be tucked in corners that have awkward angles, making it harder for attackers to see them.

The great thing about Valkyrie’s Evil Eyes is that the whole defending team has access to them, and as long as the angle permits it, each Black Eye camera can provide a 180-degree view of an area. This makes Valkyrie such a vital operator in competitive matches, because intel plays a huge part in Siege’s gameplay. When you know where your enemies are, it’ll be easier to adapt to their tactics and get them from behind. That makes Valkyrie one of the best operators when it comes to performing the c4-under-the-floor strat, because she has access to a nitro cell and she’ll always know when opponents step on the part of the wooden floor which has her nitro cell under it.

What Makes Valkyrie Most Picked:

  • Each of her three Black Eye cameras can provide a wide view of a large area which is great for gathering intel on enemies
  • Her Black Eye cameras are small and that makes them easy to hide in awkward angles or tucking them in corners to avoid being seen by enemies
  • She’s one of the best when it comes to performing the c4-under-the-floor strat because she’ll usually have good intel on enemy positions
  • She’s a great roamer because she’ll usually have a good handle on enemy positioning and that’ll allow her to outmaneuver them

Watch Valkyrie in Action:


6. Alibi

[Top 12] Rainbow 6 Siege Most Picked Operators That Are OP (7)

Alibi’s high pick rate is obviously because of her effectiveness as an operator, but it’s also because she’s very fun to use. With her special gadget, the Prisma holographic clones, she can cause a lot of confusion to her enemies, gather intel on them, and sometimes, even deny them entry. She has three Prisma holographic clones and each one of them is an exact copy of Alibi’s default skin, so it’s easy to mistake them for the real thing. And when an enemy shoots them, that enemy will get pinged for several seconds, and that ping will be visible to the whole defending team.

That’s how Alibi causes so much confusion to her enemies while also gathering intel on them. When she deploys her Prisma holographic clones right behind a window, it could prevent attackers from entering through that said window since they know that they'll get pinged if their bodies pass through them. And since the Prisma's base would be right behind the base of the window, the attackers will have a hard time destroying it. Alibi players can also use the substitution technique, wherein they quickly take the spot of the Prisma that just got shot, so that when the opponent that shot it peeks again, they'll think that it's just the same Prisma that they shot, when it's actually the real Alibi.

What Makes Alibi Most Picked:

  • She’s great at tricking her opponents with her Prisma holographic clones, and enemies who get tricked will be pinged for the whole defending team to see
  • Can heavily discourage enemies from entering through a window by deploying a Prisma holographic clones right behind it
  • Has 3-speed rating so she’s great for roaming and for highly aggressive plays
  • Can easily rework the map to her team’s advantage with her impact grenades and Bailiff 410 revolver shotgun
  • Has access to the ACS12 shotgun which is great for eliminating enemies and also for creating rotation holes or more lines of sight

Watch Alibi in Action:


5. Oryx

[Top 12] Rainbow 6 Siege Most Picked Operators That Are OP (8)

It's no surprise why Oryx is one of the operators with the highest pick rate. That's because having at least one roamer in your defending team is the ideal setup, and when it comes to roaming during competitive matches, Oryx is the best. With Oryx in the defending team, the attackers will always find it uneasy to just straight up attack the objective spot, because Oryx can appear out of nowhere anytime. That's because his Remah Dash ability allows him to burst through unreinforced walls and get inside a room very quickly.

His Remah Dash ability is also one of the most effective ways to counter shield operators, even Montagne. When shield operators are hit by Oryx's Remah Dash, they get knocked down, and they'll be vulnerable to Oryx's gunfire. Another thing that makes Oryx a great roamer is his ability to climb broken hatches. That ability allows him to get into higher floors very quickly and without having to go through the stairs which would usually be guarded by claymores in competitive matches. When you're playing Oryx, you'll have the ability to go from one point to another very quickly, and that makes him not just a powerful operator, but a very fun one as well.

What Makes Oryx Most Picked:

  • His Remah Dash ability allows him to go from one point to another very quickly and it will also allow him to go through unreinforced walls
  • Through his Remah Dash ability, he can knock down shield operators, even Montagne, and that’d make them vulnerable for a few seconds
  • He’s the only defender that has the ability to climb broken hatches allowing him to go into a higher floor very quickly
  • His proximity alarms are a great partner for his Remah Dash ability since they’ll let him know if there are enemies on the other side of the wall

Watch Oryx in Action:


4. Azami

[Top 12] Rainbow 6 Siege Most Picked Operators That Are OP (9)

Azami is one of the most OP operators, especially when it comes to reworking the map. And she can rework the map to her team's advantage with the use of her special gadget, primary weapon, and her secondary gadget. With her special gadget, the Kiba Barrier, she can provide bulletproof cover with substantial size in order to protect previously exposed or vulnerable angles. This is great for important angles where defenders need to be, but are dangerous angles, like the reinforced wall area of the Consulate's basement that needs to be protected from being breached.

When it comes to preventing attackers from breaching that wall, Bandit or Kaid will have to be there, but they will be exposed from the white stairs area. But when Azami is around, she can put Kiba Barriers on the yellow railings that separate the white stairs area and the garage area. That way, Kaid or Bandit will be able to prevent attackers from hard breaching without worrying about being fragged from the white stairs. Azami can further rework the map by creating rotation holes or more lines of sight using her impact grenades or ACS12 shotgun. She can also use her Kiba Barriers to block drone holes, and that way, it'll be harder for attackers to gather intel.

What Makes Azami Most Picked:

  • Can provide more cover especially to exposed spots with the use of her Kiba Barriers which are also bulletproof
  • Can deny intel to enemies by using her Kiba Barriers to block drone holes in order to prevent drones from entering
  • Can make a quick area-denial action by using her Kiba Barrier to block a doorway
  • Has access to the ACS12 shotgun which inflicts heavy damage per shot and is also a great utility for reworking the map
  • Can bring two impact grenades into battle and they’re great for creating rotation holes and countering Osa

Watch Azami in Action:


3. Ace

[Top 12] Rainbow 6 Siege Most Picked Operators That Are OP (10)

Ace has one of the highest pick rates in Siege right now because his hard breaching capabilities is top notch, and is an integral part of any attacking team that wants to win a competitive match. That's because being able to successfully perform a hard breach will further expose the defenders from the other side of the wall, and that will make it easier for the attackers to frag them. Ace can open up huge holes on the objective area's reinforced walls with each of his S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breachers, and he has three of them. So when Ace is accompanied by another operator that disables hard-breach preventing defender gadgets, he can really cause a lot of trouble to the defenders.

And since he has three S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breachers, he can typically just use two of them on unreinforced walls and reserve one for the reinforced hatch above the objective spot. This makes Ace a menace when it comes to hard breaching, and he has soft breaching capabilities as well because he can bring three breach charges. He can use them for creating entry points on unreinforced walls, or for a vertical play by using them to destroy large portions of the wooden floor above the objective spot. That way, he has two ways of exposing the defenders below.

What Makes Ace Most Picked:

  • He’s the most effective and versatile hard breacher right now due to his three S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breachers which can be deployed from a distance
  • He has access to two claymores which are great for protecting himself and his teammates against run outs while performing a hard breach
  • Can also equip the breach charges which are great for vertical plays since they can be used to destroy the wooden floor above the objective spot
  • His AK-12 is a very powerful assault rifle with high damage, manageable recoil, and has a wide variety of attachments available to it

Watch Ace in Action:


2. Ash

[Top 12] Rainbow 6 Siege Most Picked Operators That Are OP (11)

Ash remains to be one of the most pick operators and she has been for so many years. That's because she's a very versatile operator who also brings in a lot of firepower. Her G36C assault rifle is a great primary weapon because it excels at any range. It has high stopping power, very manageable recoil, and best of all, it can be equipped with a scope 1.5x, which allows Ash to see her enemies well even at long-range while not compromising a lot when it comes to peripheral view. Even her R4-C is a great alternative since it also has a very manageable recoil and its rate of fire is higher than the G36C, but when it comes to Ash, I recommend the G36C because of its scope 1.5x.

For her special gadget, Ash has the Breaching Rounds which punches large holes on unreinforced walls, making it a great utility for creating entry points and rushing. What I usually recommend though is reserving the Breaching Rounds for destroying pesky bulletproof defender gadgets like Maestro's Evil Eyes, Melusi's Banshees, or deployable shields. And while the claymores are great secondary gadgets for scoring easy kills against roamers, if the objective spot is on a lower floor, I highly recommend running with the breaching rounds. That way, Ash would be able to destroy large portions of the wooden floor above the objective spot, and that'll allow her to frag the defenders from above.

What Makes Ash Most Picked:

  • Her 3-speed rating makes her a very fun and dynamic operator to use, especially for aggressive players
  • She’s a great operator for rushing not just because of her 3-speed rating but also because she can make quick entry points through her special gadget
  • She has access to two claymores which are great utilities for watching your back and countering roamers
  • She can also run with the breach charges which are great utilities for vertical plays since they can be used to destroy wooden floors

Watch Ash in Action:


1. Iana

[Top 12] Rainbow 6 Siege Most Picked Operators That Are OP (12)

Iana has the highest pick rate among all the attackers and there's really no surprise there because she's a great operator whether you're in solo queue or playing in a stack. In solo queue, her special gadget, the Gemini Replicator, will allow you to safely scout ahead using an exact holographic copy of Iana which can mimic every movement that she makes except for shooting and rappelling. And for team play, Iana's Gemini Replicator plays a huge role when it comes to gathering intel on enemy positions as well as distracting them, all while the Iana player is safely behind cover.

The only way to disable Iana's holographic clones is to shoot them or if they run into one of Mute's Signal Jammers. So unless Iana disables them herself, most of the time, attackers would have no choice but to shoot them so that they can stop gathering intel. However, if the defender that shoots it isn't using a suppressor, they'd be giving away their position through the sound of their gunshot. This makes Iana's special gadget a really troublesome one for the defenders to deal with, and that makes Iana one of the most OP attackers that has a high pick rate. Her ability to gather intel while also distracting the hell out of her enemies is just next level.

What Makes Iana Most Picked:

  • Can use a holographic copy that looks exactly like herself and can mimic her movement to scout ahead and gather intel
  • Can use her holographic copy to cause a lot of distraction and confusion to her enemies
  • Her G36C is a very solid weapon that can excel at any range especially due to its scope 1.5x
  • Can bring two frag grenades into battle and use them to score easy kills on opponents or for flushing them out of their entrenched positions

Watch Iana in Action:


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