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Vincenzo "Skulz" Milella

Ubisoft, Operators



Vincenzo "Skulz" Milella

Ubisoft, Operators


Rainbow Six Siege Most Picked and Banned Operators - 2023 | Esports Tales (1)

The pick, ban, and win rate of all Rainbow Six Siege operators at Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, and above. Official data shared by Ubisoft.

The Rainbow Six Siege developer team published a blog post - during Year 7 Season 4 - showing data on the popularity and win delta of all characters in the game, and on the top 10 most banned operators by side.

  • Presence is the pick rate of an operator when not banned.

  • Credit for all the graphs below goes to Ubisoft.

We can’t predict when we will have fresh data, but I will continue following the official blog and update this article over time.

All tables are responsive and sortable. If you are using a phone, turn it sideways for a full view. Otherwise, zoom in or press on the grey area of each table to swipe and sort them.

Low Pick% High Pick% Negative Win% Positive Win%
Grim Iana Montagne Finka
Sens Ash Grim Ash
Glaz Ace Sens Iana
Blitz Twitch Zero Dokkaebi
Capitao Sledge Blitz IQ
Gridlock Thatcher Jackal Twitch
Ying Zofia Maverick Amaru
Montagne Jackal Buck Ace
Kali Nomad Gridlock Zofia
Blackbeard Thermite Fuze Thermite
Zero Buck Kali Blackbeard
Fuze IQ Hibana Sledge
Maverick Osa Flores Ying
Amaru Hibana Capitao
Finka Dokkaebi Glaz
Flores Lion
Nokk Nokk
Lion Nomad


Some players consider Blackbeard a strong pick, while for others he is quite useless. I believe he is excellent when deployed in places where he can make a good use of his Rifle-Shield.

Beware about your shield’s health pool as it can be destroyed quickly by weapons with a high damage or rate of fire. Nevertheless, it is often enough to take a peek and score a kill.

Of course, his shield is countered also by explosives and flankers.

Unfortunately for Blackbeard’s players, Ubisoft nerfed drastically the HP of Rifle Shield, which negatively impacted his survivability and lowered his KD ratio.

Rainbow Six Siege Most Picked and Banned Operators - 2023 | Esports Tales (3)

Low Pick% High Pick% Negative Win% Positive Win%
Tachanka Jager Tachanka Rook
Echo Alibi Castle Kapkan
Caveira Mute Vigil Mira
Maestro Valkyrie Echo Frost
Vigil Bandit Jager Pulse
Pulse Solis Smoke Maestro
Rook Smoke Thunderbird Valkyrie
Ela Kaid Bandit Alibi
Castle Oryx Goyo Oryx
Goyo Kapkan Kaid Melusi
Thorn Azami Azami Doc
Mira Mozzie Warden Caveira
Thunderbird Doc Thorn Mozzie
Melusi Frost Solis Ela
Aruni Warden Mute
Lesion Wamai Lesion


Echo is a truly troublesome pick because he has two invisible drones at his disposal. If you couldn’t ban him, and you are facing a smart Echo player, there are only two viable counters:

  • IQ is the most effective option because her unique gadget RED Mk III Spectre can detect any electronic device, so she can locate Echo’s Yokai drones and destroy them with a suppressed pistol.

  • Alternatively, disable the drone with Thatcher’s EMP grenade, and then destroy it. (the drone will also drop to the ground if it was attached to the ceiling)

At lower ranks, Echo doesn’t cause many problems as players don’t know how to make a good use of his drones, they place them in poor spots and barely interact with them, and usually they don’t even alert the team about the enemy’s movements.

Note: after all the adjustments, Echo is no longer a big threat.

Kapkan, Frost, and Ela

Operators with trap gadgets such as Kapkan, Frost, and Ela have a high win delta because their pick rate is low: most players do not expect a sudden Welcome Mat or Entry Denial Device. After being killed, they are aware of their presence, so the traps rarely work again during the same match.

They can be used as effective surprise picks in a round or two, but you should not abuse or overestimate them as there are better and more reliable characters in the game.

Rainbow Six Siege Most Picked and Banned Operators - 2023 | Esports Tales (4)

# Operator Ban Rate
1 Thatcher 78%
2 Jackal 60%
3 No Ban 15%
4 Nokk 12%
5 Montagne 10%
6 Osa 6%
7 Dokkaebi 6%
8 Nomad 2%
9 Others 1%


Thatcher has a high ban rate because of his EMP Grenade: most defenders’ gadgets run on electronics, and Rainbow Six Siege revolves around setting up defenses and breaking them down.

Currently, the meta is very electronic based, and there are not many great alternatives to Thatcher. This might be considered a game design flaw, or perhaps we simply need more attack operators with a similar role.


Jackal hard counters solo roamers. The only operator able to deal with him is Caveira thanks to her ability Silent Step (it negates 3D pings from Jackal’s tracking).

Generally, you should exploit his own ability to trap him: if you are tracked, coordinate with your team and act as a bait, so you will be able to catch him off guard and kill him.


Contrary to popular belief, Montagne is not invulnerable when his shield “Le Roc” is extended.

  • Smoke’s gas grenade is one of the best counters as Montagne must escape to not die.

  • Similarly, also Lesion’s GU inflicts damage over time. Montagne won’t be able to camp a corner of the bombsite because he will be forced to retreat, pull down his shield, and remove the mine.

  • Montagne can be trapped by Frost’s Welcome Mat, and Bandit’s Shock Wires will electrify him.

  • Extendable Shield protects him from explosions and even C4 charges, but the explosives can still be thrown over the shield, injuring him from behind.

    • Montagne must face the C4 when it explodes, so you may have the chance to shoot him while uncovered.

  • Oryx’s Remah Dash is a hard counter because it knocks Montagne down even if his shield is extended.

  • Finally, blasts such as Ela’s Grzmot Mines and Echo’s ultrasonic burst can disorient Montagne, who may retract the shield and become vulnerable for a few seconds.

Rainbow Six Siege Most Picked and Banned Operators - 2023 | Esports Tales (5)

# Operator Ban Rate
1 Mira 60%
2 Valkyrie 38%
3 Kaid 32%
4 Kapkan 20%
5 No Ban 15%
6 Clash 12%
7 Solis 8%
8 Melusi 3%
9 Echo/Azami 2%
10 Jager 1%


Mira is the most banned defence operator in Rainbow Six Siege because of the vision and position advantage she grants to the team with her gadget Black Mirror. Luckily, there are several ways to deal with her:

  • Twitch’s Shock Drone is a hard counter if you can enter the room unspotted (which is not easy to achieve as her drones are loud and bulky) and destroy Black Mirrors’ gas canisters.

  • Thermite and Hibana’s explosives can destroy Black Mirror, but they must be very careful when placing them to avoid a premature death.

  • Operators with stun or smoke grenades can prevent vision for a short period of time, giving your team the opportunity to move elsewhere or destroy the wall (planting explosives).

  • Maverick’s Breaching Torch can break the mirror by destroying the four locks. He can also create a small hole below the canister, and shoot it. Note: using the torch on the window itself does nothing.


I believe that Melusi requires an immediate nerf to her gadget “Banshee Sonic Defense”.

It is a bulletproof device (it can only be destroyed by explosives or melee attacks) that emits a noise if there is an attacker nearby, in a 4 meters radius. Once they are in a 2 meters radius, the Banshee will also slow them down by 50%.

This gives a huge advantage to the defenders as in each map there are several excellent and safe spots, and Melusi can place three devices per round.


Clash proves that a defence operator with a shield is too powerful. I don’t think Ubisoft will release more shield-based defenders after all the balance problems she caused.

Crowd Control Electro (CCE) Shield covers her front-side and can electrify the opponents, damaging and slowing them. Thatcher’s EMP Grenades disable the taser effect.

  • When Clash is escorted by another defender, it is best to ignore her and focus on her ally.

  • If she is alone, charging is the best option. She is not as defensive as Montagne, and her shield can be knocked back with a melee strike, so you will be able to shoot at her lower half.

    • Concussion blasts such as Zofia’s concussion shot and Nomad’s Airjab grenade work as well.

Note: after all the adjustments, now Clash is troublesome only at lower ranks.

Note 2: Please note that the data is updated over time, but the analysis is not.

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Header image, graphs, and stats: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Most Picked and Banned Operators - 2023 | Esports Tales (6)

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